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Start working right away as a CNA using learned skills to make a money in healthcare field–in no time.

Los Angeles CNA Class Near you:  CNA Class for everyone By Licensed Instructors

Course length: 160 hours, 60 hours didactic and 100 hours externship

Become Certified Nurse Assistant CNA just in 160 hours

With our friendly and professional California and National certified instructors you will gain knowledge in CNA profession, infection control, HIPAA regulations and much more. In our CNA class offered in Los Angeles area you will learn hands on skills and pass your CNA training to get your State Certification for one reason: from the first hour of our CNA class we focus on the most important content and allocate time wisely for the knowledge required to pass your State test. Get certified and start working in this promising and rewarding medical career.

Enroll in CNA training class to learn:

  • Therapeutic communications, behavioral techniques
  •  Professional manner
  •  Effective teamwork skills
  •  How to dress patients
  •  Correct feeding steps
  •  Safe toileting
  •  Effective grooming techniques
  •  Ambulation and mobility skills

You can start your CNA class – if you are old or in High School

Certified Nurse Assistant Los Angeles brings you CNA  training course near you taught by  California’s best instructors and medical career experts.

Throughout the course, you also will learn:

  • How to approach difficult patients
  • How to solve problems related to daily practice
  • Use the skills to analyze patient’s  behavior
  • How to be  comfortable  answering  patient questions
  • Patients on dialysis and home care

The CNA class is right for you if…

  • You would like to start rewarding career in the medical field
  • You are going to nursing programs like LVN or RN
  • You are in  high school or graduate, college student who wants a good part time or full time summer job that pays well

What requirements do I need 

  • Valid California ID or Driver License
  • Original Social Security Card
  • Age 16 or older
  • Proof of a negative TB (Tuberculosis) Test within three months prior to the class or negative chest x-ray administered within 4 years
  • Physical Examination
  • Live Scan for DOJ; Criminal Background Check

What you’ll walk away from CNA class afterwards:

  • CNA training Certification
  • The ability to answer questions related to patient care
  • Confidence in CNA skills
  • Legal aspects in nursing
  • Knowledge of the inner workings environment essentials
  • The ability to confidently communicate with nurses, doctors, and patience

Why Certified Nurse Assistant Los Angeles?

Certifiednurseassistantlosangeles by Zero-Max Career Institute makes it very simple to learn and get your CNA certification and training experience.

Certifiednurseassistantlosangeles  by Zero-Max Career Institute offers small CNA classes and gives personalized attention to each student.

Your full CNA class curriculum:

Los Angeles, CNA CLASS

  • Procedures, common abbreviations and Medical Terminology
  • Current information on legal issues, such as HIPAA
  • Expected professional behavior
  • A&P of Body systems—this includes each  structure and functions of body organs, normal changes of aging, responsibilities of CNA nursing assistant with aging changes
  • Observing and reporting, and common diseases and care guidelines
  • Issues relating to Residents’ Rights emphasized throughout in special instructions
  • Elderly Abuse, Alzheimer’s disorder
  • Effective teamwork skills
  • New information on person-centered care and culture change
  • Up-to-date, comprehensive material on infection prevention
  • Mental illness
  • Catheter drainage bag care
  • Nutrition information, special diets, and feeding techniques

Our school is an authorized State of California CNA training provider.

Certified Nurse Assistant-CNA class program is approved by California Department of Public Health-CDPH, National Healthcareer Association (NHA) and National Center for Competency Testing (NCCT).

Our CNA training class quality guarantees

  • Guarantee you will have the best CNA training
  • You will be ready for your California State Certification
  • Daily quizzes and tests to help you prepare for the State Test and a job interview
  • Best instructors with extensive experience
  • Small CNA class with personalize attention

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